No Caste or Religion based reservation, Justice for All
National Convener: Mr.Manjit Singh Sachdeva


India has been living with an illness called RESERVATIONS which was given birth to by our Politicians in the name of VOTE BANK rather than for the upliftment of the Schedule Caste & Schedule Tribe.

After India’s independence it is understandable that certain segments of society needed special attention but did that segment benefit completely? NO JUST A SMALL PART BENEFITED, now HOW LONG, TILL WHEN, AT WHAT COST is this Reservation to continue.

Most surprisingly after 67 years instead of the position improving it is seen that the position is going from bad to worse with more and more reservations coming in, it seems the Politicians feel that by this way they will be able to secure their own position.

As the Political parties are growing weaker they are indulging into such gimmicks hoping to benefit themselves in creating a Vote Bank.

RESERVATIONS if any only for the persons who are ECONOMICALLY WEAK and none else are acceptable.

What is happening is those Schedule Caste & Schedule Tribe & OBC that were helped are doing very well but unfortunately mostly it is only they and their immediate family who continue to benefit, there by denying many deserving persons from within the Schedule Caste & Tribe.

In many fields due to reservation policy growth of the Country is affected, how can there be reservation in Defence, Police, Armed Forces, Scientists, Engineers, Doctors, Pilots and many such technical fields. These are fields where only the best have to be allowed to work and control, a major reason as to why India today inspite of its various strengths lags behind in the World.

Our youth are getting alienated due to the Reservation policy, they question the elders are we not Citizens of India do we not have an equal right does merit, intelligence, quality have no meaning, in the result India is losing good talent in key sectors to Foreign Countries.

I feel it is high time that we the Citizens of India tell the GOVERNMENT STOP RESERVATIONS, no more will we accept, it is the duty of the Government to ensure that each and every citizen is looked after and if the Politicians who think they are unable to do so must step away and allow those who can do so.

Considering the fact that our politicians will not have the guts to remove Reservations due to loss of Vote Bank, I have filed a Writ Petition before the Supreme Court praying to scrap reservation policy. I appeal to every citizen to join together it is time that we tell the Government that India is one, and we want one policy GROWTH FOR ALL, HELP TO ECONOMICALLY WEAKER PERSONS.

This is the most ideal time just before the National Elections if we the People of India unite WE CAN FORCE INDIA TO CHANGE & ADOPT THE POLICY OF NO RESERVATION.

I, request each one of you to join me in this FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHT peacefully.

I also request you to please find attached a letter which please sign it yourself and also get is signed from as many people as possible and send it to the above address by post or email it to me at the above given email address.

A Citizen of India Proud to call himself an INDIAN.